Hey there curious reader, I see you’ve stumbled across my “about me” page!

Let’s see, what’s there to know about me? Well, my name is Morgan and I’m a writer. After a not-so-lengthy internal discussion one evening, I decided that starting up a semi-professional blog would be a great way to spend those early-morning hours wracked by insomnia.

After all, the greatest way to continue harnessing the writing craft is challenging oneself.

Here, you’ll find entries that encompass every end of the spectrum. I don’t have a fixed theme, I merely transfer the contents floating around in my head into (relatively) short articles.

If you want to read through some of my professional writing, you can check out my indie game coverage over at IndieObscura.

In addition to writing, I’m also a photographer and all-around creative being who enjoys the pursuit of interesting new projects when bored. Rest assured, I’ll try to keep the flashy self-promotion to a minimum.

– Morgan Parabola