Snake Pass: How Noodle Met Doodle

After playing Snake Pass by Sumo Digital for dozens upon dozens of hours, I couldn’t help but ponder over how this unlikely duo met up. As a writer, I’ve never partaken in the art of fan fiction, but for this particular occasion… the opportunity was too good to pass up.

So, here’s how I think the two became best budssssss.

A Chance Encounter

The summer months were a joy for Noodle, who loved spending hours lazily basking in the sun’s golden rays. Unlike some of the other critters in Haven-Tor, Noodle was a snake, which meant he was cold-blooded and thus relied on the sun to warm up his body. Especially after a big meal.

Unlike most snakes, however, Noodle was proud to be a vegetarian. His favorite food? Blue orb-like snacks he simply called “Schlangenberries.” These were typically plentiful around Haven-Tor, and could be found in all sorts of odd places.

Interestingly enough, Schlangenberries didn’t grow so much as they appeared at random, which never ceased to fascinated Noodle. Even after almost three years of life!

Having rested half the day away, Noodle yawned and noticed that he was particularly hungry. Looking around, he was dismayed to find not a single Schlangenberry in sight.


Frowning, he began to uncoil himself and slither back and forth through the grass. Yet no matter where he looked, there were no berries to be found. Growing a bit uneasy, Noodle began to slither faster when all of a sudden he spotted a blue glint high up in a tree.

There, near the very top, floated a large Schlangenberry. Yessss, Noodle thought, now how do I sssslither up and grab it? Deciding the best way was a process of trial and error, Noodle lifted his head and coiled himself around a low-hanging branch. Gripping on tight, he slowly made his way from one rough branch to another.

Breathing hard, Noodle paused to rest and regain his strength. Once his energy returned, he started extending up to the next branch when he spotted a curious sight flitting in and out of the tree’s lush green leaves.

Quick as lightning flew a hummingbird, one who seemed to be after the nectar in a bright pink flower growing near his precious berry. Noodle called out, “Hello there, what’sssss your name?”

The hummingbird spotted Noodle and gasped, which rocketed his small body backwards an inch or two. Noodle began to laugh at the quirky gesture, which only appeared to upset the hummingbird even more.


“What’ssss the matter?” Noodle cocked his head to the side.

“Are you joking? Do snakes make jokes before they squeeze poor, defenseless hummingbirds to death?”

An awkward silence passed between the two.

“Why would I ever want to do a thing like that?” Noodle grumbled, looking confused.

“Because you are a snake, and snakes eat birds!” The hummingbird squeaked out defiantly.

Noodle began to laugh again, “Not me, I only eat berries like the one up there.” He pointed with his tail and flicked out his tongue.

“Berries?” The hummingbird flew up and around the blue orb. “I didn’t know these were called berries. You eat these?”

Noodle nodded his head. The hummingbird looked distrustfully at the snake. “You trying to be funny?” Noodle shook his head and coiled his way up to the last two branches to the berry. Satisfied, he inhaled it all in one big bite.


He waved his tail to the hummingbird again, “Sssssee? Delicioussss! You never did tell me your name, though.” After finally getting something to eat, Noodle couldn’t help but want to find out more about this indignant little hummingbird.

“I’ve been called many things… like Ramen! However, I go by Doodle these days. You?” Carefully moving his way down the branches, Noodle called out, “Your name isss like mine. I am Noodle!”

The hummingbird blinked in amusement. Noodle, he thought, what an appropriate name for a squiggly serpent. As Noodle continued to make his way down the branches he lost hold of his grip and began to fall. Horrified, Noodle tried desperately to regain his balance when Doodle decided to intervene.

Swooping in, Doodle picked up the end of his tail with his feet. Wincing in pain as Doodle’s claws sunk in, Noodle found he was able to slow his fall enough to wrap his head around the branch below him. Once Noodle found he was secure once more, Doodle released his tail.

“Thank you, you ssssaved me from a nassssty fall!” Doodle nodded in agreement, “Sorry for roughing up your tail, didn’t know what else to do.”

Noodle laughed and continued down to the ground where he coiled up and rested. “Do birdssss like you ever sssstop to ressssst?” Noodle asked.


“Well, yes. Why wouldn’t we?” Doodle responded, flying lower so as to be within Noodle’s eyesight.

“When we decide to rest, we go into a sort of hibernation called torpor. It’s a really deep sleep, and can be scary if you don’t know we do it. We sleep so deep you can poke us and we probably won’t wake up. It’s quite nice.”

Doodle flew up and around in affirmation while Noodle sat pondering this new bit of knowledge. As he was contemplating what it’d be like to sleep so deeply, he began to fall asleep himself. “Really?” Doodle called out sarcastically.

Like Noodle, Doodle didn’t have much experience with snakes aside from avoiding them for safety. He still found it hard to believe he’d found one who didn’t want to eat him. Come to think of it, he felt a bit offended.

Did he not look like a tasty blueberry? Shaking his head, Doodle chuckled to himself. “Stupid,” he mumbled. Deciding to stick around for a while longer, Doodle impatiently waited for his new pal to wake back up.

I have so many more questions, Doodle sighed, especially concerning your weird dietary choices!


Flying around the map, Doodle heard a strange cracking noise. Investigating, he discovered that something, or someone, had broken the gate. Not good, Doodle’s stomach churned, not good at all!

Heading back, Doodle was amused to find that Noodle had moved while he was away and had wrapped himself around some bamboo.

Rolling his eyes, Doodle knew that he’d have to wake Noodle up. Who else was going to help him get the gate back in working order? Funny, how quickly his mortal enemy could turn into his biggest ally. No one would ever believe him, though.

I should write a book once we get the gate problem sorted,  Doodle mentally noted.

And that’sssss it for now. If you’ve played Snake Pass, I think you can guess what happened next. Let me know if you liked this little guess into how these two came to meet one another, and whether or not you’d like me to continue this little story series. I love the game, so I’d definitely want to do more.

Thanksssss for reading!

By the way, if you’re curious to know more about the game I’m referencing, be sure to head over to the Snake Pass website!


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