The Hidden Art of Healing

Growing up, I was always deeply fascinated by the art of practicing medicine. I’d often sit cross-legged in front of the television and watch surgeries being performed for hours on end. This started at around the age of 3 or 4. What can I say? Kids are curious beings.

Blood and human anatomy has never bothered me. I’ve always taken it in with the thought that putting another person back together is magical, even if it’s messy. Saving lives, healing others, it’s an art. One that continues to inspire me, even to this day.

Close-up Of A Doctor Examining You

Unfortunately, I’m not a math and science whiz. I’ve always been into creative pursuits like writing and music. As much as I hate to compliment myself for anything (thank you depression), I will throw myself a bone and say that I’m relatively good when it comes to artistic endeavors.

Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. I enjoy what I do, and I have no regrets. Yet the inner desire to be a healer of some form remains seated stubbornly in the cluttered room of my subconscious. As a result, I’ve fallen down the holistic rabbit hole.


Homeopathic cures can be truly remarkable within their set limitations. Obviously sophisticated modern medicine has the upper hand. However, I’ve noticed a growing number of people my age without medical insurance. Either due to lack of funds, lack of access, etc.

This concerns me, as I hate seeing other people suffer.

I’m not sure how it happened, but I started to research holistic and homeopathic remedies during my early teen years. Things that can be utilized without a prescription or hefty doctor bills.

I’ll write up a full piece on remedies I recommend looking into and post it later on in the week.


It’s fascinating to read up on the presence of alternative medicine across cultures. I started with Native American culture before expanding out into Chinese medicine. Making good use of this knowledge, I’ve slowly begun listening to the health complaints of others and giving suggestions.

To my surprise, the feedback I’ve received is incredible. Even though I’ll never be the doctor I envisioned growing up, I’ve carried my love of healing along with me into adulthood. Now, I look for ways to help people whenever I’m called upon, and it’s the best feeling in the world.


I hope to one day pass this love on to my children, so that they’re always prepared for the unexpected moments in life. Basic first aid, CPR, and even teas that are good for an upset stomach. It’s practical, useful, and rewarding.

Best of all, it’s always right there at our fingertips.


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