Why I’m Excited for the Nintendo Switch

I’ve seen a fair bit of salt across the internet in response to the Nintendo Switch Presentation and Treehouse Event. These critiques range from gripes about price, woes about lack of launch titles, all the way to hating the console and all it stands for.

As an individual who houses a lot of unpopular opinions (don’t get me started on favorite music), I find myself on the polar opposite end of the spectrum. I’m excited.

Why am I excited for the Nintendo Switch?


The first reason boils down to the fact that I grew up on Nintendo consoles. Yes, I had an Xbox, yes I had a PS3, and I currently own both a gaming PC and PlayStation 4. However, no gaming company holds sway over my heart quite like Nintendo.

In terms of price, I don’t feel $300 is unfair, as I clearly had no issue spending that amount preordering the system. Do I have issues with the price of games like 1, 2, Switch or the price for separate JoyCon controllers? Yes, I definitely do.

Speaking of flaws, I won’t bluff and say the Switch is perfect. Far from it. As it stands, it’s an improvement over the Wii U, on a somewhat similar level as the Wii. Which was one of the highest selling consoles of all time, mind you.

As for the lack of launch titles, I have a sneaking suspicion that more games will release for the Switch in the 2-3 months following its March 3rd release. In that time, I personally won’t be lacking for content, as I’ll be playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild until my fingers are numb.

Nintendo announced that they currently have 80 titles in the works. And the confirmed list of companies on board? Solid. Games I’m excited for include Yooka-Laylee, No More Heroes 3, the newest Super Mario title, Sonic, and those retro throwbacks.


I remember when I was young, I owned a GameCube. I also had a Nintendo 64, various evolutions of GameBoy, etc. No surprise there. Looking back, I only had about 5 GameCube games, maybe a dozen GameBoy games, and a handful of Nintendo 64 staples. I never felt disappointed by this lack of variety. Far from it.

I guess I’ve just never been picky. Give me a handful of quality games, and I’m pretty much set.

As an adult, I have even less time to spend playing games. After I bought my PlayStation 4, I wound up playing nothing but Let it Die despite the fact I bought games like Final Fantasy 15, Grand Theft Auto 5, Firewatch, Uncharted 4, and other titles I was looking forward to playing. I’ll get around to them… eventually. With the Switch, Breath of the Wild is looking like it’s going to be my main squeeze for several months. No complaints here.

The Nintendo Switch is the first console I’ve been this excited for in a really long time. I don’t need flash or sparkle, I just need the Nintendo I know and love, and I definitely see that reflected in the Switch.

Problems aside, internet salt aside, I’m excited. You do you, Nintendo. I’m behind you every “switch” of the way.

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