Switching Over to a Korean Beauty Regimen

I’ve begun to notice that an increased number of beauty bloggers have begun switching over to Korean beauty products and skin care routines.

In the past, I’d adopted the western trend of matte everything along with contour, highlight, concealer everywhere… you name it. I think one of the reasons why I shied away from daily makeup in the past is because of how my skin reacted. In a word, poorly.

So when I happened upon the Korean beauty mantra of healthy, clear skin as the golden rule, I was intrigued.

Your face will surely thank you for the extra love.

The first step to Korean beauty is the regular use of face wash, moisturizer, face masks, creams, gels, and more. It’s actually pretty wonderful. I don’t think my face has ever been as clear and soft as it is after switching over to Korean products. Here’s a good Korean skin care routine for example purposes.

After you check skin care off your list, it’s time to get into the makeup trends. One staple in Korea is the “dewy” skin look, which moves away from heavy matte foundations over to a lighter, more youthful appearance.

Never fear, there’s nothing oily about the “dewy” look!

The first fear that people have when it comes to ditching their from matte foundations is the risk of oily-looking skin. No one wants that. However, Korean makeup and the rising trend of cushion compacts aren’t products that create an oily aesthetic.

The intent here is to look more youthful and fresh-faced, rather than dry and over-contoured.

Matte isn’t always bad, especially in the summer, but I’ve grown to prefer Korean cushion compacts over matte foundation.

Another thing I enjoy about Korean beauty is the minimalism. Lipstick is often bright and cheerful, rather than this rising trend of dark lipsticks here in the states.

Eye makeup is light, and there’s no great emphasis placed on the mixture of bronzer/contour/highlight, etc. Don’t get me wrong, those products are still used, but to a far lesser degree.

Which is understandable, it’s just too much sometimes, you know? Korean beauty is all about embracing your natural look.

If only I could look this beautiful on a daily basis!

I truly believe that if you want to stay ahead of the beauty guru game, you have to be willing to take some risks. Even if you just want to play around with different makeup looks at home, trying out a Korean beauty regimen and seeing how it works for you is something I strongly recommend.

At the very least, you’ll appreciate the skin care products you discover along the way. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll fall in love with all of the rest of it as well!

For some extra tips on getting started, I found this video SUPER helpful and fun to watch!




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