Amazon Prime is Heaven for Introverts

There’s something magical about ordering something online and having it delivered to your doorstep the following day. Amazon has created something special with their Prime service, something I predict more shops will begin to imitate in the near future.

The modern age of purchasing products online has reached new heights, and I’m overjoyed. You see, I’m an introvert at heart who enjoys self-checkout lines and minimal human interaction… especially in the customer service field.

I feel horrible whenever I cringe away from the question “are you finding everything alright?” I don’t know how to respond, I just nod and slink away defeated.


My reaction to the age-old question, “can I help you find something?”


If you’re an introvert, you know how awkward polite conversation can be. My shyness has no logic or reason; ask anyone, and they’ll tell you I’m unable to ask for ketchup at a restaurant.

Over the past few years, I’ve grown to rely heavily on Amazon Prime. If I need new socks, Amazon Prime. Soap? Amazon Prime. Coffee? You guessed it… Amazon Prime! It’s an introvert’s paradise.

That’s not to say there isn’t a small dose of loneliness when it comes to exclusively shopping online. However, I cannot deny that Amazon Prime is, in a nutshell, pretty frickin’ awesome.


Amazon boxes are seen stacked for delivery in the Manhattan borough of New York City
I think the delivery man may be getting sick of delivering multiple packages to my doorstep each and every day. 


If they could just expand their Pantry a bit more (more wine would be fantastic), it’d be a nearly perfect system. Think about it, you no longer have to leave your house to acquire the things you need.

Simply search for them online in the comfort of your own home, preferably in your pajamas, and have it delivered within a few short days.


Soon, Amazon will send in the drones. Will the drone ring the doorbell, I wonder?


This doesn’t take away the fun of window shopping, or actually trying clothes on in person. With that in mind, there are a few things that necessitate in-person purchases. For example, a new pair of pants.

I understand measurements and sizes, but there’s something pleasant about being able to try those pants on and see how they look on your body. I’m a tall individual, so finding pants that actually cover my ankles is a rarity, even when I narrow things down to “tall” sizes.


Being tall begs the question, is this a dress, or a really long shirt?


Another example is musical instruments. I’m the kind of person who has to “bond” with my instrument before purchase. It could sound beautiful, but if it doesn’t feel right in my hands, it clearly isn’t the guitar for me.

So in that sense, Amazon isn’t going to eradicate brick and mortar shops. Yet if they play their cards right and continue to expand upon the awesomeness that is Amazon Prime… well, there’s no limit to what you may be able to purchase online in the future.

Introverts have a new reason to rejoice (quietly, in their own homes), because the age of Amazon Prime has arrived!


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