Best of the Weird: ASMR Videos

I talked briefly about my ASMR quests through YouTube in my first blog post, Insomnia Adventures. People found the act of cutting a 3DIO microphone out of a bread baguette pretty funny, so I decided to share other ASMR videos that I find weird and amusing.

Full disclosure, weird does not always equate to bad. I love weird, give me more weird videos any day!

A Visit From my Psycho Aunt

Oh man, does she have that accent locked down. This doesn’t do a great job of soothing me to sleep, but I found it supremely entertaining nonetheless. Back in the early days of YouTube, many channels would create these wild, and truly memorable characters (revisit LiamKyleSullivan’s 2007 masterpiece, Shoes). I miss them, as this video makes me really happy. Not sleepy, but happy.

The Sassiest of Maids

This has to be one of my favorite ASMR roleplay videos. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to hang out with an ASMR YouTuber as much as I do here. I really like Tony Bomboni’s channel, and list him as one of my ASMR staples. But this video was totally out of left field and I love it.

Manley ASMR for Men

Let’s flip this ASMR journey around and venture down the Ephemeral Rift for a moment. This guy is an ASMR hero. Not only are his videos funny and entertaining (like the one you see above), they’re actually solid ASMR videos. The sounds are just too damn good… when I can hear them, you know, over my laughter.

Vacuuming the Carpet

Hey look, it’s ASMRSoundSpace again. You know, the guy who cut the 3DIO out of a bread baguette? Well, he’s got plenty of entertaining videos to choose from. Surprisingly, most of his videos don’t exactly fall on my weird radar. And then there’s this little gem. Never in my life have I been so delighted to have my ears… er, vacuumed?

Trump ASMR

We’re going to make ASMR great again. We’re going to win at ASMR so much, people will get tired of how much we win at ASMR. Ok, that’s difficult to type into a sentence but you get the point. This person is a genius, and I give them all the YouTube likes!

Fried Chicken

I had to include the obligatory “food ASMR” on this list. Honestly, I like these videos. They keep me company while I stuff my face with snacks. No, but seriously… that chicken looks delicious. I guess it sounds delicious too, as this video has nearly 3 million views.

Fork You

You know those ASMR videos that sound better than they look? This is one of them. If I navigate to another tab, the sounds are actually not bad. But if I look directly at it, I start to feel like I’m a pilot being sucked into the Bermuda Triangle… of forks.

What Even is This?

Oh my god, I am so done. I’ve descended into YouTube’s ASMR wormhole and found what may just be the greatest “wtf” ASMR video. I just don’t know what to make of it. It’s just a dude molesting beautiful bald scalp while he repeats the word “relax” as if to reassure me that everything is all right with the world, nothing to see here.

Now it’s your turn! Share some of the weirdest (greatest) ASMR videos you’ve come across in the comments and add to my growing collection.


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