5 Sensitive Skin Products for your Face

While I may not be a beauty guru, I do suffer from severely sensitive skin. The kind that turns fire engine red when touched by any product that isn’t explicitly allergen-free. And even then, hypoallergenic products aren’t a guaranteed failsafe.

Some of them have actually produced the worst reactions from my skin. With that knowledge, I’ve gone through quite a few products in order to find ones that I can use safely. After all, nothing is worse than getting hives on your face. Trust me.

Below, I’ve listed five of the most helpful sensitive skin products for your face!

Thayer’s Alcohol-free Toner


Overall, I’ve had some of the worst reactions to toners. Especially those containing alcohol. When I stumbled across this highly recommended alternative, I placed an order and crossed my fingers.

I was pretty nervous the first time I tested it out. Thankfully, after using it daily for over a month, I’ve had zero allergic reactions, and have seen a genuine improvement in the condition of my skin!

Mizon All-in-One Snail Repair Cream


Full disclosure, this product contains 92% snail extract, which means you are indeed putting snails on your face. Although, if I have to recommend any product on this list above the rest, it’s definitely the snail cream.

The Mizon snail cream line is a Korean beauty staple, and an all-around fantastic product to have around for facial irritation.

Biore Charcoal Face Wash


I can’t deny that I prefer charcoal face wash above everything else I’ve tried thus far. I’m not a fan of stripped-down hypoallergenic products when it comes to washing my face because they have a hard time truly cleansing my pores.

Unfortunately, the heavier facial cleansers (like the ones with microbeads) are instant irritants. The middle ground? Charcoal fash wash. It has just the right balance to clean your face without having to scrub it until it’s raw.

Unscented Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes


Surprisingly, many women list these as their guilty pleasure go-to product. Not only are baby wipes far cheaper than makeup removing wipes, but I find they’re also significantly gentler as well.

I own gentle makeup removing products, but I always end up using the wipes to get that unsightly surface layer of makeup off first.

Indian Healing Clay


Having sensitive skin is no joke. You sunburn easily, break out without remorse, and in general, can suffer from uneven and blotchy skin. To combat this, I use the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask.

Although I’ve used dead sea mineral masks and even charcoal masks in the past, nothing comes close to soothing angry skin quite like this clay. Sometimes the best solution is to avoid strong cleansers for a few days and stick to gentle masks like this one instead.

If you found this list of 5 sensitive skincare products for your face helpful let me know, as I’m definitely up for sharing other useful items I’ve come across during my internet travels!

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