Weirdest Videos in my YouTube Favorites

This is the kind of article that I love to write, as I’m a huge fan of “weird” in every aspect of life. Whether it’s weird items you purchase on Amazon, weird music you’re somewhat ashamed of enjoying, or just weird memes found in the darkest corners of the internet, I’m a huge fan of everything strange and unusual.

Nothing embodies this more than my YouTube favorites list. During my daily YouTube adventures, I add videos to my favorites seemingly at random before forgetting about them entirely. After browsing through my lengthy list of favorites today, I’ve decided to share a few that defy all logic and explanation.

Actor Lee Joon-gi dancing to Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga”

I became somewhat smitten with actor Lee Joon-gi after binge watching the k-drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Apparently, I needed more of him in my life during my YouTube travels as indicated by this addition to my favorites… I regret nothing.

Swearing Cockatoo

There’s something absolutely hysterical about a bird swearing.

Snowing in Sligo

I wish I could be this excited about the snow.

How to Sing Falsetto

Spoiler, this is NOT a tutorial.

Bill Nye The Science Guy

Returning you instantly to your childhood! Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill…

Jim Carrey’s Classic Karaoke

Jim Carrey is one of my favorite actors for various reasons.

I Would If I Could…

Wtf is this doing in my favorites?!

Getting Arrested in Style

A once in a lifetime opportunity.

Annandale, Virginia

This guy wins the internet.

Those are only a few strange gems from my YouTube favorites, which currently sits at around two thousand videos. If you want more strangeness, let me know. I have plenty to go around!


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  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    This is such a fun idea for a post. 🙂 That Jim Carrey scene always makes me laugh.

    Liked by 1 person

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